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What to do when you are in a car accident?

A Minor accident

Often referred to as a “fender-bender”, a minor accident is defined as having no injuries and the damage to your vehicle is minor (the car is drivable).

You do not need to involve the police, just complete an accident report. This report identifies:

  • the parties involved in the accident (driver: name, address, phone number, driver permit number),
  • vehicle details (registration)
  • Insurance details
  • A description of how the accident occurred (pictures can be helpful).

If you have a smart phone with you, quickly take pictures of the accident scene and the other driver’s driving permit, vehicle registration and insurance pink card.

A Major Accident

If there are any injuries you’ve had a major accident. You should call for medical services and the police right away.

Hit & Run or Theft

The police should be called immediately in the following situations:

  • Your car is damaged while parked as a result of collision with an unidentified vehicle;
  • Your car has been stolen;
  • Your car has been vandalized, or broken into – with or without theft of contents.

Next steps:

  1. Contact your insurance broker as soon as practical in order to review the details of the claim, your coverage and your personal claims history.
  2. If your policy covers the related damage, make arrangements for the vehicle to be seen by an insurance adjuster before any repairs are effected.



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