Blog From our claims file: Water flows through entire house

From our claims file: Water flows through entire house

Water flows through entire house

Claims Description: A contractor was in the process of renovating the upstairs bathroom. While the owners were away during the weekend, the temporary valve for the toilet failed, allowing the water to flow unabated from the second floor, to main floor and then to basement causing extensive damage at all levels.

Client’s Coverage: Homeowners Comprehensive Form.

Claim Payment: $277,527.32 (after $1,000 deductible).

The claim payment included:

  • Emergency services such as pumping water out of the premises, opening walls, ceilings and floors to allow the house to begin to dry, installing industrial strength dehumidifiers and removing contents to avoid further damage,
  • Demolition: Floors, walls and ceilings on three levels, complete demolition of the kitchen on the main floor,
  • Repair and replacement: Wood and tile flooring, walls, ceiling, kitchen, finished basement. Some furniture including bedroom, kitchen and living room furniture was damaged beyond repair and needed to be replaced.
  • Additional Living expenses: The family was forced to move out immediately and was out of their home for over 6 months while repairs were completed.

Risk Management: When away from the home for an extended period of time, turn off the valve at the main water intake. (Note: First, verify that other systems, such as heating systems, do not require an ongoing water supply to function properly).

Note: All the details listed above are taken from an actual claim. Coverage, limits and deductibles vary from policy to policy. Insurance policies may also vary by insurance company, province and state. In all cases, an insurance policy wording is the contract which takes precedence over any other information outlining insurance coverage. Some details may be omitted to protect the identity of our client.


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