Visitors to Canada

Visitors to Canada

If you are in Canada as a new immigrant, with a work permit, SuperVisa or just visiting as a tourist, we have the insurance you and your family need.

A visitor to Canada is any person, other than a student, that does not have provincial health coverage.

If this is your case, you need to be ready to pay for any expenses related to a medical emergency for you and your family. Or, you can purchase Visitors to Canada travel insurance.

Ogilvy Insurance has more than 20 years of experience making travel insurance arrangements for all kinds of visitors.

We are partnered with Canada’s top insurers to offer you the best coverage to make sure your stay in Canada is worry-free:

  • $50 000 and up to $300 000 CAD of coverage for emergency medical expenses
  • Coverage for hospital and doctor’s fees, diagnostics, medication, etc.
  • Dental emergency in case of an accident
  • Airfare and expenses for a family member to come visit you at the hospital if medically required
  • Repatriation of remains to the country of origin
  • and much more!
  • Our team of travel insurance advisors will help you find the best option including special cases like:

    • Pre-existing medical conditions
    • Coverage for seniors 80+
    • Maternity
    • Babies (15+ days old)
    • Coverage for visits to the US

    Get started today and send us your inquiry or quote request. Our advisors will be happy to assist you!

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