Blog Thoughts and advice: Mexico trip gone wrong

Thoughts and advice: Mexico trip gone wrong

There are so many beautiful vacation destinations with warm sunshine and endless beaches that have far fewer examples such as this one: Calgary woman seriously injured after a balcony railing gave way in Mexico. (article from Global News)

First, we would like to point out that there is no mention of a specific insurance company or broker involved. Nor do we know if she had a travel insurance policy. If she was covered, was the policy purchased online directly from the insurance provider or was it acquired through an insurance broker? Of course, if the policy is purchased directly online, then there is no insurance broker to intervene on the client’s behalf. Also something to keep in mind…no matter how much money in premium you give to an insurance company, it is so very little in comparison to the actual revenue generated by business done through a broker, so it is important to understand the weight a broker carries when involved in decision-making between you and the insurance giant.

It is important to understand that travel insurance covers an actual individual, therefore it would not have covered the damaged balcony to begin with. That being said, the hotel management staff should have never asked this woman to pay for damages incurred. Sadly and more an more frequently, there are just too many examples of travelers being taken advantage of in Mexico.

When traveling abroad, please keep in mind that you must contact your insurance provider before seeking medical help if at all possible. It is therefore very important to make sure that you have the insurance company’s emergency phone numbers close by. If you are traveling with  a companion, we suggest they too should have these numbers in case you are unable to make that call yourself. The insurance company is the one who will ensure you receive proper treatment and negotiate medical expenses directly with the hospital. Let the insurance company do the work for you!  After all, that is what you are paying for.



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