Blog From our claims file: Theft of copper wiring and tubing

From our claims file: Theft of copper wiring and tubing

Claim Description

Theft of copper wiring and tubing.  Thieves accessed the roof of the customer’s building where their air conditioning systems are mounted.   The thieves stripped the units of the copper components.

Client’s Coverage

Broad Form Property with a $5,000 deductible.

Payment included the replacement and installation of new air conditioning units due to the theft of copper wiring and tubing.

Total Claim Payment: $ 60,907.50

Risk Management

Many theft exposures can be reduced by installing adequate lighting, installing alarm or monitoring systems, and maintaining regular activity on the premises.

Note: All the details listed above are taken from an actual claim. Coverage, limits and deductibles vary from policy to policy. Insurance policies may also vary by insurance company, province and state. In all cases, an insurance policy wording is the contract which takes precedence over any other information outlining insurance coverage. Some details may be omitted to protect the identity of our client.


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