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Retirement Planning

Planning for a financially secure retirement nowadays is one of the most important challenges facing Canadians. This is largely due to the uncertainty of today’s government pension plan.

Many people are making several career moves during their working lifetime and choosing to retire early. People are living longer, which means a longer retirement span; therefore it is important to take responsibility for funding your retirement and relying less on the government.

A financial advisor can play an important role in helping a client establish his or her retirement goals. Retirement planning involves determining which strategies satisfy individual needs. With proper planning, your retirement fund should provide enough money to last through your retirement years and leave some money to your dependents. Inadequate planning may lead to a smaller retirement fund that will not provide enough money to last through your retirement years, much less for your dependents.

Careful planning can help you have the retirement you want, preferably at one of the higher income bracket.

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