CFIB Program

With over 75 years of experience in employee group benefits, the Ogilvy Insurance Group Benefits department is ready to serve you.

  • We have close relationships with the insurance carriers.
  • We understand all aspects of employee benefits, including all the different financial arrangements that are available.

We analyze your group benefits plan.

  • We offer an extensive annual renewal review of your plan. We analyze your claims history, administration fees, trend factors and negotiate the terms of your plan.
  • We look and analyze your group’s claim experience reports on a quarterly basis and assess what can be expected if these trends continue.

We are available for you and your employees.

  • We assist you and your employees in understanding the benefits covered.
  • We get involved in service issues, such as turnaround time on claims, including disability claims.
  • We review contracts and booklets when changes to benefits are made.
  • We issue taxability reports and deductions.
  • We prepare and do employee presentations.

We work in the group benefits domain exclusively.

  • We are experienced and at the forefront of the latest trends that can impact your plan (provincial legislation, insurer’s internal policies, pharmaceutical,  technological innovations)

We are committed to build a partnership with you so that you can offer the best comprehensive plan to your employees at a competitive price.

We are also part of the select network of advisors who can offer the plans designed exclusively to CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) members. Please contact us for more information.

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