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Car Insurance in Canada

Ogilvy Insurance: over 90 years of personal car insurance service

In today’s competitive marketplace more and more organizations are leaning towards full-service enhancements by offering online car insurance quotes.

We offer our clients a full array of technologically enhanced support and resources such as our comprehensive website, Ogilvy Insurance Facebook pages, online blog and updates via Twitter.

We pride ourselves on offering you a personalized service.

When computer systems are entrusted to offer quotes, all of the specialized work and expertise a broker has to offer are stripped. We have found that our online quotes offer a base rate, but lack the results of negotiation and accommodation that we as brokers have to offer.


What you can expect from us on your car insurance quote:

As brokers, we take into account your personal situation and your personal needs, then we use our knowledge and expertise to negotiate the best rates and present you with an auto insurance plan and options to suit your budget and lifestyle.

We will present you with all the options as part of our car insurance quote, such as:

  • Replacement Cost Insurance (available up to 7 years) for new and used cars
  • Zero deductible or diminishing deductible options
  • Driving Record Protectors and Accident Forgiveness
  • Combined Policy Discounts
  • FADOQ Membership Discounts
  • User-Based Insurance Discounts
  • Credit Rating Rate Reductions where people are qualified.

These are just a few examples of the types of discounts we offer, besides the usual ones.

Our relationship with you is what drives our quotes, so give us a call or request your online car insurance quote.

Let’s work together to find the best insurance solution. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to serve you.

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