Blog Quick Tips to Keep You Safe On the Road

Quick Tips to Keep You Safe On the Road

We all wish summer would last forever, especially in provinces where the temperature drops below zero and we face heavy snowfall for several months out of the year. If you have lived in Canada, you know what it is to have to battle the snow on the roads. Here is the first in our series of quick tips to keep you safe on the road on our winter roads

Are you ready for a winter drive? VIDEO QUIZ: Are you a winter driving pro or just learning?

This video will test your skills and give you some tips to keep the car on the road during our tricky winter driving months.


How did you do? Are you a pro, or just learning?

Putting your car in storage for winter?

Don’t cancel your insurance, here are a few tips on how to save on the insurance instead. When people are not driving their cars, they sometimes think that it is a good idea to cancel their insurance and just buy new insurance when they decide to drive again. What most people don’t know is that they don’t need to cancel their policy in order to save money or get money back for the time period the car is stored.

What are your best tips for winter driving safety?

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