Water Service Pipe Coverage

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Water Service Pipe Coverage

What’s a “Water Service Pipe”?

The water service pipe is the pipe that brings the water from the city’s water main to your home. Unlike the rest of the plumbing in your home, it is part of the city system and you may not know what condition the service pipe is in, or when the last repairs were done. This means that damage to the water service pipe can occur at any time.

What’s the issue?

If this pipe breaks and is otherwise in need of repair, your property including trees, shrubs, walkways, and driveways may need to be destroyed in order to gain access to the pipe. The city may pay for the excavation and pipe repair but most are not obligated to restore your property to the previous state.

Although the city pays for the repair of the pipe itself, it will not pay for the cost of replacing the landscaping, shrubs, trees etc. that it will have to dig up on your property to access the pipe. This part of the expense will fall on you.

What’s the Solution?

Some insurance companies offer a Water Service Pipe Coverage which can be added to your home or rented dwelling policy. This coverage provides up to $10,000 for the cost of replacement or repair of any part of your building or premises because of the breakage or malfunction of a water service pipe. This includes the cost of removal and replanting or replacement of trees, plants, shrubs, and lawns.

For on average about $2 per month, often less, you can protect yourself.

Order Water Service Pipe Coverage

Note: You will not be eligible for the coverage if your residence is over 40 years old.

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