Why you need insurance to travel within Canada

Dear client,

Since the advisory to “avoid non-essential travel out of Canada” is still in place, a lot of Canadians are looking to travel within Canada during the summer.

If this is your case, please keep in mind the following regarding your government health insurance plan (GHIP):

Not everything is covered

Ambulance, dental services, transportation of a family member to be by your bedside, and other emergency medical expenses are not covered by your GHIP and can represent hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Coverage is limited

Hospital fees, ER, medical consultations, X-Rays and lab-tests that are more expensive in the province you are visiting will not be reimbursed.

No direct payment

Provincial health care doesn’t pay up front, so hospitals and clinics in other provinces might require you to pay out of pocket and claim the cost to your GHIP later; in this case, a refund can take several weeks or months.

Travel insurance within Canada is very affordable and can save you time and money!

Your travel insurance advisor