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Ogilvy Insurance has been specializing in boat insurance since 2001. Our clients understand that not all policies are the same and that the advantage of dealing with us as your independent broker is that we match your specific needs with the right policy.

Understanding your risk profile is not something we take for granted. We encourage a conversation that will allow us to assess what coverage you need and then seek out the best fit for you.


Having a particular specialty in high speed boats has trained us to ask the questions that are relevant to deliver proper coverage. Believe it or not, most insurers are not comfortable with many aspects of boating. Boats that attain speeds greater than 55mph, boats that are trailered over 100 miles, expensive boats, purpose built boats like wakeboarding, live aboard boats, offshore performance boats, boats that head south for the winter, boats used in tournaments or poker runs etc. These are the scenarios that Ogilvy Insurance successfully deals with every day.

We encourage you to speak to one of our specialist about YOUR boat insurance needs. Click here to learn more about boat insurance and either contact us or click on the Get a Boat Insurance Quote button above to start the process.

Get a Boat Insurance Quote

Get a Boat Insurance Quote

Making a claim

We pride ourselves in our client service record. Our average insurance claims are less than $5,000 and our clients are usually back on the water within 72 hours. This really counts when for most of us the boating season is so short to begin with. To start your boat insurance claim click here.