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Lost Passport and Travel Insurance

A lost Passport, particularly when you are traveling, can be a serious inconvenience. The degree of the problem will be influenced by your itinerary and the country you are in at the time you recognize your passport is missing.   Regardless if it is simply lost, stolen or damaged to the point that it is no longer accepted, these criteria will dictate how you need to proceed:

  1. Planning a trip while you are in Canada, but can’t locate your passport. Follow the steps outlined by the Canadian government to report a missing passport and apply for a replacement. These details can been found at:
  2. While travelling outside of Canada, the traveler needs to contact the Canadian Government office(s) that provide consular services in that country. A list of locations can be found on the Government of Canada site: .

A little research now can save valuable time when a problem arises away from home. Before each trip, go through your personal checklist. If you don’t have one, there’s a good one at: .

Travel Insurance

While a lost passport can create stress and inconvenience, it rarely results in any serious financial impact if handled with due diligence. The same cannot be said for leaving home without travel insurance (number 6 on lonely planet’s list). Health problems can arise from a variety of sources while traveling from things as simple as a reaction to new foods, a sudden illnesses and accidents while touring or participating in activities while enjoying a vacation.

While we enjoy Medicare in our home province, we do not see the true cost of even basic medical costs such as a night in a hospital bed, a doctor’s examination, medical tests, or prescription drugs. Basic costs can be thousands of dollars per day. More severe medical situations can easily start at $100,000.

Note: Even travel within Canada, but outside their home province, can cost the traveler for medical treatment. In this case, prevention is the best medicine – for your wallet!

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