Blog Is Travel Insurance Worth The Cost?

Is Travel Insurance Worth The Cost?

Of course if everything goes according to plan, buying insurance is an unnecessary expense.  The main problem is that if your crystal ball isn’t fully powered, you may have difficulty predicting the future, making the purchase of insurance a necessity.  An injury or illness can be even more difficult, when trying to deal with an emergency in a foreign land.  Even if you navigate your emergency successfully, you may be left with a hefty medical bill after you return home.  Following are some situations that actually happened to policy holders who were happy they purchased the travel insurance coverage they needed.

Client: Mr. & Mrs. X
Product: Travel health insurance policy for a 31 day trip to Mexico for $1,144.00.
Situation: Mrs. X became ill and was eventually diagnosed with appendicitis.
She was admitted to hospital for 6 days and recovered fully.
Outcome: The final bill for her care was $40,100.00.

Client: Mr. and Mrs. Y
Product: Separate travel insurance policies: Premium totalling $166.00.
Destination: 8 day trip to Colorado.
Situation: Mr. Y became ill and was diagnosed with colitis, dehydration and hypoglycemia.
He was admitted to the hospital for 5 days in total with 3 days being in Intensive Care.
Outcome: The final bill for his care was $80,000.00.

Client: Ms. Z, Female, 24 years old
Product: All-Inclusive travel insurance policy, Premium: $51.84
Destination: Dominican Republic
Situation: The client presented with vomiting, severe cramping and diarrhea and was directed to the nearest emergency room.
Diagnosis: dehydration and emetic syndrome (food poisoning).
Outcome: The final bill for her care was $2,450.76.

Travel Insurance can be purchased on an annual basis or for a specific trip. Standard Travel insurance can cover your medical expenses associated with an accident or sudden illness while traveling outside of your home province.  Coverage can be broadened by adding coverage for baggage loss and trip cancellation.

Speak to a licensed insurance broker to help you understand:

  • Policy conditions and limitations,
  • The process to follow in the event of an accident or illness and,
  • The coverage options and guidance to select coverage for your needs.

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