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Group Benefits – Get the right diagnosis and treatment

Access to medical information, expertise and insight

When you are faced with an illness or injury, waiting for the right diagnosis or treatment can often times leave you feeling uncertain. There is a coverage that is often already included in your group benefits plan that would give you access to world-renowned physicians who will take your medical record and review your medical files, diagnosis and treatment plan.

The second opinion services can:

  • Help understand a medical condition
  • Conduct an analysis of your medical records
  • Make recommendations on the treatment plan
  • Conduct a physician search on your behalf and can recommend a specialist you have access to in your region
  • Help navigate the Canadian healthcare system
  • Give access to latest research on serious medical conditions

The services are confidential, serve to complement the care received from your physician and help you make the best possible medical decisions.

Verify if your group plan includes this coverage. The employee, the spouse and dependents who are covered under the group benefits plan would have access to this second medical opinion coverage.

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