Blog G1 drivers – set your insurance experience on the right path

G1 drivers – set your insurance experience on the right path

Getting your drivers license for the first time is exciting!  G1 drivers have a long road of learning ahead of them and should take advantage of opportunities to help build a solid insurance history.

In Ontario, all new drivers progress through a graduated licensing system.   G1 drivers have 12 months to acquire proper driving skills before moving on to the next level.    To help you through the process, the first stop should be the Ministry of Transport website, the official site for all driver related information.  Unofficially, there are also many practice tests to help prepare the new driver for their upcoming exams such as: Practice tests are a great way to prepare for the exams to:

  1. evaluate your knowledge and,
  2. familiarize yourself  with the format of the questions.

Ideally, you enroll in an approved driver training course.  Not only will the driver training help you get your G2 sooner, it will also help save on auto insurance costs.  Usually, there is no charge to add G1 drivers to the insurance policy of a parent or guardian, but be sure to let your broker know of any new drivers in your household.

Once you obtain your G2 license, talk to your broker about what you can do to reduce auto insurance costs.  Most insurance companies offer discounts for good students or students away at school.  Bundling home and auto insurance together will offer multi-policy discounts.  Signing up for Usage Based Insurance offers instant savings for those that qualify.

Usage Based Insurance (UBI) can be a great feedback and learning tool for new drivers too.  UBI devices sense such details such as rapid acceleration, hard breaking and time-of-day driving – critical elements in determining driving characteristics and ultimately the likelihood of having an accident.  Some UBI products have websites that allow the driver to view their own driving characteristics, week by week, which sensitizes them to these higher risk driving habits.  The goal is to help new drivers learn good driving habits; one of the benefits is lower insurance premiums, sooner.

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