Blog From our claims file: At the pump

From our claims file: At the pump

It all took place at the pump…

Claim Description: The wrong type of fuel. In this case, the client put regular gasoline into a diesel car when he was standing at the pump.

Client’s Coverage: The auto policy includes “All Perils” & QEF 20, which means Loss of Use.

Total Claim Payment: $9,062.89 after the $500 deductible was applied. Claim Payment included clean out and repair of the engine and a rental vehicle while the car was being repaired.

Risk Management: Stop filling your tank as soon as you realize it’s the wrong type of fuel. Do not attempt to start your vehicle; the process will only distribute the fuel to other systems within the vehicle. Call your dealer or a service station immediately to obtain advice .

Note: All the details listed above are taken from an actual claim. Coverage, limits and deductibles vary from policy to policy. Insurance policies may also vary by insurance company, province and state. In all cases, an insurance policy wording is the contract which takes precedence over any other information outlining insurance coverage. Some details may be omitted to protect the identity of our client.



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