La satisfaction des clients

//La satisfaction des clients
La satisfaction des clients 2017-12-10T23:55:51+00:00

En 90 ans d’expérience à offrir nos services en assurance, voici ce que certains de nos précieux clients ont dit

Rien ne nous rend plus heureux que savoir que nous avons servi nos clients avec qualité. Nous aimerions connaître ce que vous pensez du service que nous avons offert!

As we talked on the phone, you are really nice to take the time to talk of the little things in life, thank you.
Mrs. Helen S.
Thank you for your invitation to provide some feedback on my recent cancellation of the above-referenced policy. In fact, I have been insured with Ogilvy and Ogilvy for my home since 1970, so I hated leaving you. Even worse, Violet Laniel has been a spectacular agent and, this year, she identified a much lower cost insurance supplier for us.. The problem arose because my wife and I have our automobile insurance with this same insurer, arranged with a group discount through my wife’s employment . When I contacted the agent concerning the same-insurance-company discount, I discovered that we could also get the group discount on our home insurance by transferring to the same agent. I felt terrible about doing this, and wish to thank you and particularly Ms. Laniel for your excellent service and support over the years.
Rod L.
I first started dealing with your company in the late 70’s. Angus Ogilvy suggested that I look into dealing with his brother for my insurance needs. I did so, and I have never regretted my move. I have always received excellent service and advice from all with whom I have dealt with in your company. I wish you and your company continued success.
John B.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your cooperation and guidance. Certainly buying insurance is not an easy task for anyone, especially since there is so much we don’t know about it. Even though I found the same kind of insurance for a lot less money, we decided that because of the service we have received in the past from your office, and mostly because of the amazing help you provided us with, we will keep all our insurance with you, including the one for our new home. We will forward a note to Mr. Bruce Ogilvy in the following days, and let him know how happy we are with your services, Thank you very much.
Serge C.
I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the new car, the accident and all related issues. You have been most helpful and I like to express my sincere appreciation for all you have done.
Lutz D.
Je tiens a vous remercier encore une fois pour la rapidité et efficacité de service.
Pierre G.
I am writing concerning your wonderful worker Nabila Hamzaoui who helped me purchase insurance from your company for my 5 months trip to California. I am so thankful to have fallen on Nabila for my inquiry that led to my purchase. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for her wonderful service and graceful follow up. It is because of amazing workers like her that I greatly enjoyed my experience and I do not want this to go unnoticed. It is not everyday that we encounter unique and valuable people who have great impacts in our lives and I wanted to make sure that her manager gets this employee feedback from a client who has been traveling all over the world for the last 8 years. Her organizational skills and attention to detail are exceptional. Her kindness will be cherished and I feel very confident now that she is overseeing my insurance policy. I will forever be a loyal customer because of her. Thank you for your time.
Nabila, just wanted thank you for all your help in resolving my problem with the pharmacy. Please could you convey my gratitude to all those who were involved. Also, I would like to say that I have found everyone very patient and professional. A very satisfied client who will recommend Ogilvy Insurance to any and all.
Nancy D.
Thank you for always making sure to find the best possible travel insurance to meet our needs. You always reassure me and make me feel valued. I also would like you to know how impressed I am with Manulife and the way my case was handled when I fell and broke my hip while vacationing in the US. Within hours the hospital and Manulife approved surgery. My best interests were met in a timely and compassionate way.

I am very impressed with Ogilvy and Manulife!

Christine K.
Ogilvy Insurance builds culture in a family owned multigenerational workforce w social media like Yammer Pinterest Youtube and TribeHR – wow!
Carmen Jeffery
Ann-Mary Butts is our broker on file from Ogilvy and Ogilvy. We changed brokers last year after discovering we were missing coverage and in some respects not having a proper review.

Ann-Mary has been stellar and did a thorough clean up of our file.

Lynn W
Ogilvy Insurance love you guys for your fast and accurate service, specially Francine Legault, you are an angel!
Sholeh Atash
Je voulais que vous sachiez que j’ai beaucoup apprecie faire affaire avec vous. Un service rapide, sans embuches, courtois et simple! Comptez sur moi la prochaine fois que j’aurai besoin d’une assurances! Merci encore!
Melaine L
I had a very good experience doing business with you and I will definitely recommend your company’s services
Sheridon E
Many thanks for your assistance in helping me obtain the required insurance for my upcoming trip. Your knowledge of the insurance and ability to clearly explain the product made it easy to understand. In addition, your efforts to successfully obtain a reduced premium is very much appreciated. Again, thank you very much.
Irving W
Thank you so very much for your help with our insurance needs. Our trip went well and without any health hitches. Best regards, and we look forward to being in touch again for our next trip, whenever that may be. We will also be recommending your services to others.
Linda M
Bonjour ,
Juste un mot sur le service que j’ai eu avec Manuvie. En Mars j’étais en Espagne et je me suis cassée un pied.
Nous avons téléphoné chez Manuvie avant de nous rendre à l’hôpital, ceux ci nous on donné un numéro de dossier.
Le lendemain nous avons eu un appel de l’assureur pour nous demander si tout allait bien et pour nous aviser que si nous avions besoin de retarder notre départ la cie prenait en charge les dépenses engendrées par l’accident. Au retour un formulaire simple a remplir et tout était réglé. Merci à notre courtier Mme Langlois et merci Manuvie!
Claudine D