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What to do when you are in a car accident?


What you do when you are in a car accident depends on the situation and type of accident. The information you need, if the police need to be involved and other questions can have different answers depending on the situation. If you know the basics it can make the process less stressful. A Minor

From our claims file: Minor car accident in Ontario

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The claim is still open because the insurer is subrogating against the vehicle manufacturer. Claim Description: In September, 2013 an Ontario auto policy client was involved in a minor accident,  she rear-ended a vehicle. Coverage: Full coverage with a $500 Collision deductible Total claim payment: $6934 in repairs + $813 for rental Claim reassessed: The

From our claims file: At the pump

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Claim Description: The wrong type of fuel, in this case, regular gasoline, was pumped into a diesel car. Client's Coverage: The auto policy includes “All Perils” & QEF 20 (Loss of Use). Total Claim Payment: $9,062.89 after the $500 deductible was applied. Claim Payment included clean out and repair of the engine and a rental vehicle while