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Ogilvy Insurance Business Advantage

We’ve been an insurance broker for over 90 years and we are business people just like you..

Whether you run a one-man show or a large enterprise, we have experience that can help choose solutions that make sense for your business goals and future: a key part of the Ogilvy Business Advantage.

How we work:

We first meet with you to understand what you are most interested in protecting.

Is it your income, your property investment, sales, or even employee benefits?

Whatever your needs, we are here to give you the competitive advantage when it comes to making these choices.

After listening carefully to your concerns and goals, we search the insurance markets and negotiate on your behalf.
We work with Canada’s largest insurers, so you always know that the companies we represent have the financial stability and market power you need.

As independent brokers, we customize your insurance program to suit your needs. We then meet with you again to present the options.

We do the research for you and make recommendations. You make the choice.

Our clients have control over the types and amounts of coverage they select because we know that not all businesses are the same.   Our independence allows us to work with many insurance companies, thereby never compromising our commitment to offer you the best available products to cover your risks.

Our face-to-face approach being the foundation of our success, we build strong relationships while protecting our clients with customized products and services that address their needs. That way you can take care of your business, and stop worrying about insurance.