• Lost passport

Lost Passport and Travel Insurance


A lost Passport, particularly when you are traveling, can be a serious inconvenience. The degree of the problem will be influenced by your itinerary and the country you are in at the time you recognize your passport is missing.   Regardless if it is simply lost, stolen or damaged to the point that it is no

G1 drivers – set your insurance experience on the right path


Getting your drivers license for the first time is exciting!  G1 drivers have a long road of learning ahead of them and should take advantage of opportunities to help build a solid insurance history. In Ontario, all new drivers progress through a graduated licensing system.   G1 drivers have 12 months to acquire proper driving

What really affects the cost of new car insurance?


Some tips to get you thinking and help you out on the factors in price for insurance before you buy the car. What REALLY affects the cost of insurance? Please note that  these are general guidelines, but hopefully they will help you on the right track, and will avoid any unnecessary surprises! Because when budgeting

Thoughts and advice: Mexico trip gone wrong

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There are so many beautiful vacation destinations with warm sunshine and endless beaches that have far fewer examples such as this one: Calgary woman seriously injured after a balcony railing gave way in Mexico. (article from Global News) First, we would like to point out that there is no mention of a specific insurance company

Polar Vortex? 5 Tips for Driving & Car Safety – Plus : Free Coverages and Discounts You May Want To Know About

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The New Year rang in with extreme cold and low temperatures, a complete turn around from the milder weather that put tens of thousands in Eastern Canada at risk from the Ice Storm and power outages just a week ago. As the weather changes, driving is often dangerous. We covered some safe driving tips with

Ice Storm Leaves Tens of Thousands Without Power – Tips to Stay Safe and Cut Your Losses | Will Insurance Pay #IceStorm2013

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Although it is the holiday season and many have celebrated a warm and happy Christmas, there are still tens of thousands without power in Toronto. We've put together the following information to help with some tips on how to stay safe, as well as help you understand what resources you may have in regard to

Tips to Making Your Holidays Bright While Preventing Fire In Your Home

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For many the holiday season is about spending time with family, reflecting on the year past or setting goals for the future. Every year thousands of people are injured due to fire, and there are hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage due to fires. According to NFPA statistics, most holiday related