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My insurance policy was cancelled….why?


There could be many reasons why an insurance company might cancel someone’s policy. By knowing the potential reasons, you can avoid them from happening to you. Here are the top few reasons why an insurance company might decide to cancel your coverage: You neglected to pay your premium. Non-payment is the usual reason insurance

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Premium Increases in Home Insurance


My home premium increased this year but I didn’t make any changes or have a claim.  Why would my home insurance be more expensive this year? Insurance companies are constantly reviewing their underwriting criteria and rates to better compete in the marketplace.  They also make adjustments when the overall premiums collected are inadequate to

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Insurance broker vs. insurance agent


People often don’t realize the difference between an insurance broker and an insurance agent. After all, they are both selling insurance. But knowing the difference could help you decide on who you should get advice from to suit your personal circumstances. An insurance broker is independent of the insurance companies. Brokers will work with

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Coverage for Additional Living Expenses


A home insurance policy covers more than simply third-party liability and physical damage to property. Home, condo and tenant insurance policies can also include coverage for additional living expenses. This would help you to pay for expenses incurred when you have to move out of your home while it undergoes repairs, or even when

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Are you prepared for cyber threats?


Cyber risk has now emerged as a high profile problem; so much so, it is now ranked third in the potential claim risk list as well as for legal defense costs for businesses.  More than 30,000 websites are infected every day and 90% of all businesses have suffered from some form of computer hacking

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What is Tenant Insurance?


Many people have a misconception when it comes to renting an apartment or home, and that is that the landlord’s insurance covers everything. This is incorrect. The owner’s insurance likely covers the building itself and any appliances included in your lease, should there ever be a fire, for example. However, it would not cover

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Avoid the Most Common Auto Insurance Claims


Whether you are on your daily drive to work, going out to do errands, or going on a long road trip, there are simple ways to avoid the most common types of auto insurance claims. Rear-end Collisions The most common cause of auto claims are rear-end collisions. These collisions are usually simple to avoid.

Why Does The Insurance Company Want to Inspect My Home?


An insurance company may want to inspect your home for one of several reasons. These are the top four reasons an insurance company will contact you to inspect your home: Your home value is higher than average, and the insurance company or your broker wants to verify the value with a professional inspection. When

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How to find lost life insurance policies


They say that when you lose something, you always find it in the last place you look. But if you don’t even know what you are looking for, this can seem like an impossible task. If someone has passed away and you believe that there are life insurance policies purchased in your name but