What is a Broker?

What is a Broker?

Most people don’t realize the difference between a broker and the insurance company. We thought it would be important to explain exactly what a broker does.

We are proud to be brokers.


  • A broker represents several insurance companies for their client.
  • They are responsible for understanding the client’s needs, and guiding the client to make decisions on the type of coverage required for their needs.
  • Brokers must offer all coverages available to the client, and explain all the features and benefits as well as the restrictions. This requires a strong understanding and expertise of insurance.
  • Brokers are responsible for learning about all the insurance companies available to them, not just one company, in order to complete this very important service for their clients.


At Ogilvy Insurance we are proud to not only be brokers, but to be independent brokers.


In today’s environment, many brokerages are partially owned by insurers, or have a large percentage of their sales and business concentrated with one insurer. In these circumstances they are required by law to advise you.

They are not independent.


At Ogilvy, our independence allows us to give unbiased advice and help our clients get the best value for their needs.

In addition to analyzing the various coverages and markets available to our clients and providing personalized advice and service on an ongoing basis, as brokers, we also negotiate with insurers to obtain the best conditions for our clients.

We are proud to be a third-generation family-owned business. We are even prouder of the relationships we have built with our clients over the years.


We are not the insurance company. As brokers, we work for YOU.
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