The claim is still open because the insurer is subrogating against the vehicle manufacturer.

Claim Description: In September, 2013 an Ontario auto policy client was involved in a minor accident,  she rear-ended a vehicle.

Coverage: Full coverage with a $500 Collision deductible

Total claim payment: $6934 in repairs + $813 for rental

Claim reassessed:

The initial claim was handled quickly by Intact’s claim department.

Several weeks later the customer received a recall notice from the manufacture of her vehicle.  The recall listed a potential malfunction of the brake assist feature of the vehicle, increasing the risk of an accident.  The customer provided this information to Intact and within a few weeks they advised her, that as a result of the recall, Intact would not hold our customer responsible for the accident.

Note: The determination of responsibility in a vehicle accident can have a signification impact on your future insurance rating and premiums.